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CORGI Registered

What exactly is CORGI?
CORGI is the gas safety watchdog for any gas, plumbing or heating work in your home. CORGI stands for the Council for Registered Gas Installers.

Why choose a CORGI registered Plumber?
CORGI is considered the leading authority for information on gas safety issues around the home. CORGI maintain an up-to-date register of qualified gas installers and promote professional service and safety standards. Consequently, the CORGI badge is now a guarantee of quality, making it the standard to look for when employing a tradesman.

A Legal Requirement
Registration with CORGI is a legal requirement for anyone installing or repairing gas fittings or appliances, ensuring that any work completed by a CORGI technician will be done competently and safely.

Choose a CORGI registered Plumber

Working Hand in Hand with CORGI

Confirmation of Identity - ID Card
Every CORGI-registered installers must carry an ID card showing that the installer is competent to do the job. Tel. CORGI on 0870 401 2300


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